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  • Fiberglass Repair

  • Fiberglass Restoration

  • Jet-Ski Fiberglass Repair

  • RV Fiberglass Repair

Accidents happen. From impact damage to damage via deterioration of the gelcoat, your boat is bound to experience some degree of fiberglass abrasion at some point in its life. When it does, trusting a professional that can fully repair it, is imperative. Our approach to fiberglass repair is detailed and precise. We don’t just slap on a patch, epoxy, sand and gelcoat—instead, we take each step of the process with care, to ensure the finished product is absolutely seamless with the surrounding area and the fix itself is strong and reliable.

  • Hull Repair

  • Transom Repair

  • Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

  • Gelcoat Refinishing

  • Gelcoat Restoration

  • Bottom Paint

Taken care of properly, good quality gelcoat can last for decades. But when it's neglected, the porous surface is highly susceptible to damage from UV rays, becoming dull, chalky, and gradually thinner.  gelcoat can break down so badly that there's simply not enough left to restore. When that happens, it's time to consider either painting or re-gelcoating. When considering getting your boat re-sprayed with gelcoat, keep in mind that not all gelcoat is created equal. As with paint, there are different brands and grades with various qualities and varying price points. We offer free estimates and would be happy to discuss your job. ​Stress Crack Repair ​Stress cracks, often called spider cracks, usually occur as a result of your boat flexing. Generally speaking, stress cracks aren't a sign of structural issues, but they should be addressed anyway. We can make your stress cracks disappear by grinding away the damaged gelcoat, color-matching gelcoat for the repair, and then blending the new gelcoat into the surrounding finish. ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Oxidation and Scratch Removal

Oxidation is the chalky, cloudy appearance that is the result of unprotected and/or neglected gelcoat or paint. Surface scratches can be buffed out with polishing compound, but deeper scratches must be filled and gelcoated.

  • Detailing & Hull Cleaning

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